Recent Endorsements

“Tim’s personal journey and awakening is evidence of the path being taken increasingly today by Christianity and other religions everywhere. This manifestation of respect for God’s great diversity allows us to better see the world through the eyes of Christ. The Cross in the Closet is a gift to us all.”

—Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

“Tim Kurek has written a book that could be described as ‘spiritual espionage.’ As a young fundamentalist, he goes undercover—accepting all the attendant moral and personal ambiguities—and gathers ‘intelligence’ that few heterosexual people have ever had access to. He tells his story with skill and grace, revealing secrets that need to be heard from where he began (Liberty University) to wherever you are. A one-of-a-kind book with unforgettable moral impact.”

—Brian D. McLaren, Author, Speaker: A New Kind of Christianity; Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road?


“It took great courage and serious commitment for Timothy Kurek to begin his year long journey into our world, the world of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans. I’m delighted that readers of The Cross in the Closet will gain a whole new understanding of the stereotypes and untruths that cause my sisters and brothers so much suffering. I hope many will standby this straight ally and support the message found in his book, the message that says God truly does love us all. I encouraged him to take this journey and now that it’s over I will stand by him still. I admire Timothy’s courage and creativity, and his journey into our world will make a difference! You go, Tim!”

—Mel White, Author, Stranger at the Gate


“I hope Tim’s voice echoes through the halls of every McMansion church until Christian hubris is humbled. Fundamentalist arrogance is today threatening a religion founded foremost on empathy and love. The Cross in the Closet serves as a blunt reminder and should be a wake up call to every closeted bigot that dares to thump a bible.”

—Greg Barrett, Author, The Gospel of Rutba: Christians, Muslims, and the Good Samaritan Story in Iraq


The Cross in the Closet is the book I’ve been waiting for. Now—at last—I have the book to give to every person I know (and there are many) struggling to understand how and why so-called Christians hate gay men and women and what to do about changing their minds. Kurek writes movingly and well. This is the best book I’ve read that opens the door to understanding what it is like to be labeled gay and trapped in a community that dismisses your very self before even hearing you out. Brilliant!”

—Frank Schaeffer, Author, Crazy For God